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Permissions and Access

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This page lists all data sources that require additional permissions to set up an Agent or Direct connection with Nobl9 or to configure alerts.

Data Source​

Amazon Redshift​

  • To configure an Agent or Direct connection to Amazon Redshift, you must provide an AWS Secret ARN that is tagged with theΒ RedshiftDataFullAccess permission.
    For more information, refer to the Amazon Redshift | Nobl9 Documentation.


  • The Nobl9 Agent must have firewall access to http://<controller_host>:<controller_port>/controller/rest/<REST_URI>.
  • To connect to AppDynamics, the AppDynamics API client needs at least theΒ Applications and Dashboards ViewerΒ permissions.
    For more information, refer to the AppDynamics | Nobl9 Documentation.


  • A Nobl9 Agent connection requires the following minimal set of permissions:

    • bigquery.datasets.get
    • bigquery.models.getData
    • bigquery.models.getMetadata
    • bigquery.tables.getData

    For more information, refer to the BigQuery | Nobl9 Documentation.


To connect to Datadog, the Nobl9 Agent scrapes the /api/v1/query endpoint that requires timeseries_query authorization scope. Make sure your account has this scope before you connect to Datadog. For more details, refer to Datadog Documentation.


  • To connect the Nobl9 Agent to Dynatrace, you need an access token with scope enabled.
    For more information, refer to the Dynatrace | Nobl9 Documentation.

Google Cloud Monitoring​


  • Nobl9 Agent and Direct connections to Splunk require a url that must point to the base API URL of the Splunk Search app. To access your Splunk Cloud Platform deployment using the Splunk REST API, you must submit a case requesting access via the Splunk Support Portal. Specifically, you should ask Splunk Support to open port 8089 for REST access.
    For more information, refer to the Splunk | Nobl9 Documentation.

Alert Methods​


  • To configure an alert, the user must have access and permission to create an issue in a project in Jira.
    For more information, refer to the Jira | Nobl9 Documentation.


  • To allow ServiceNow alerts to integrate with Nobl9, you need to set up an Access Control List (ACL) for your ServiceNow users. To create a new ACL, you must have the security_admin permission assigned.
    For more information, refer to the ServiceNow | Nobl9 Documentation.