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Access keys

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Nobl9 access keys are required to sign programmatic requests to Nobl9β€”for example, to use sloctl.

up to two keys per user allowed in a single organization

You can disable a key to suspend signing requests with it and reactivate it later. Inactive keys still count towards the total number of keys per user.

Also, you can delete the key. Deleted keys are erased permanently in the system. You cannot go back with it, so any requests relying on that key will fail until updated with an active key.

Access keys generated with Nobl9 have no default expiration date. You can request a limited lifetime duration for the access keys per organization to ensure key rotation.
Once a key expires, its status changes to EXPIRED, and it can only be deleted. Any requests signed with the expired key will fail. Delete the expired keys, so you have the space to create fresh ones.

Creating access keys​

To create an access key in the Nobl9 UI, do the following:

  1. Log in to Nobl9 UI.
  2. Go to Settings > Access Keys. Click Create Access Key.
Access keys
Image 1: Creating an access key

β†ͺ Result: Your access key is created. It consists of the unique Client ID and Client Secret values and the Organization name as the authorization context.

  1. You can add the Description to identify this key in the list and copy all the generated values along with the sloctl command.
  2. Save the Client Secret value since it's displayed only once.
    Alternatively, you can retrieve the client_id and client_secret values later with sloctl.
Access keys copy
Image 2: Access key generated
  1. Click OK to close the dialog.