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Nobl9 Release Channels

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We've introduced release channels to enhance the performance and stability of data source integrations. Nobl9 currently has 2 release channels available:

  1. The stable channel:
    The stable channel is a distribution channel that provides all officially released features and changes that have undergone rigorous testing. The stable channel represents the final fully stable product ready for mission-critical production use.
  2. The beta channel:
    The beta channel is a distribution channel that showcases the latest innovations and newest functionality, tested to deliver the best early-access experience possible. The beta channel allows users to try out recently shipped features that still need more testing in real-world scenarios. They aren’t considered fully stable yet for production use cases.

Features available in the beta channel may be subject to change.


The following table presents the beta functionality along with the minimum required version of the Agent.

FeatureMin. Agent VersionBeta Functionality
Sumo Logicagent-0.65.0-beta11
    ❏ Stabilized querying across a single access key
    ❏ Resolved race conditions for indicators hitting rate limits
    ❏ Extended SLO and SLI support per a single Sumo Logic access key

All new features that are related to data source integrations will be released to the beta first. After the experimental testing phase of new features in beta, the Nobl9 team will transfer the new functionality to the stable distribution channel.


Currently, beta is the default channel for all new Nobl9 users.

Switching Between Release Channels​

You can switch between channels using Nobl9 UI or sloctl.

Selecting Release Channels in UI​

You can choose the release channel for your data source (both Agent and Direct connection method) in the Data Source wizard. To do this, navigate to Integrations > Sources, choose your source and connection method (Agent/Direct) and select the release channel from the list menu.

Image 1: Steps to get started with Nobl9

For the Agent method, remember to deploy your Agent in Docker or Kubernetes once you clicked Add Data Source.


You can edit the Release Channel field only for the Direct connection method. For Agents, this field is inactive in the Edit Data Source step.

Defining Release Channel in sloctl​

You can define the release channel in sloctl with the sloctl apply command for Agents or Directs. YAML definitions for Agents and Directs include the releaseChannel field that can take one of two values: stable or beta.

Below is an example YAML configuration for an Agent:

- apiVersion: n9/v1alpha
kind: Agent
displayName: Agent DT
name: agent-dt
project: default
url: https://{}
minimumAgentVersion: 0.65.0-beta09
unit: Minute
value: 2
releaseChannel: beta
- Metrics

Check YAML Guide and Sources documentation for more details on YAML definitions for specific Sources and connection methods.


  • When you edit an existing Agent, you cannot change the value for the releaseChannel field; sloctl will return an error.

  • When adding a new Direct or Agent without specifying the releaseChannel, the default release channel is set to beta.

  • For Agents, the releaseChannel field in the Nobl9 database is automatically updated, depending on the Agent version. So when you run the beta agent in your cluster, Nobl9 updates the releaseChannel field in the database to beta automatically.