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Reference Nobl9 Integrations section to get all the details about our integrations. In this section, you will learn:

  • What credentials are required to connect to a Source.
  • How to set up a Direct or Agent configuration for the source.
  • How to set up your SLOs, using Nobl9 App and sloctl.

You will also learn how to construct your queries for the Threshold Metric and Ratio Metric.

Overview of the Sources

The following table is an overview of the Sources available through Nobl9:

SourceDirectAgent Access
Amazon CloudWatchYAWS credentials required.
Amazon PrometheusNAWS Credentials required.
Amazon RedshiftYAWS credentials required.
AppDynamicsYDirect access to the AppDynamics instance.
Google Big QueryYJSON credentials file required.
DatadogYDirect access to the Datadog instance.
DynatraceYDynatrace API token required.
ElasticsearchNDirect access to the Elasticsearch instance.
Google Cloud MonitoringYJSON credentials file required.
Grafana LokiNDirect access to the Loki instance.
GraphiteNDirect access to the Graphite instance.
InfluxDBYDirect access to the InfluxDB instance.
InstanaYDirect access to the Instana instance.
LightstepYDirect access to the Lightstep organization.
New RelicYDirect access to the New Relic instance.
OpenTSDBNDirect access to the OptenTSDB instance.
PingdomYPingdom API Token required.
PrometheusNDirect access to the Prometheus instance.
SplunkYDirect access to the Splunk instance.
Splunk ObservabilityYDirect access to the Splunk Observability instance.
Sumo LogicYDirect access to the Sumo Logic service.
ThousandEyesYDirect access to the ThousandEyes instance.