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Set up a direct connection

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See how to set up a direct connection with Nobl9.
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Configure the direct connection in the UI

Follow these steps to set up a direct connection in the Nobl9 UI:

  1. Open the Nobl9 App.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab.
  3. Click .
  4. Select the relevant source from the list.
  5. Some of the available data sources cannot be added through the direct connection. For example, you can connect to Amazon Prometheus or Elasticsearch only through the agent connection method.

  6. Select Direct agent icon as a connection method.

Each data source requires individual credentials. You can find the source-specific details along with the instructions in the Direct configuration in the UI section in the Nobl9 documentation, in the required Data source page.

You can also configure the direct connection through sloctl by using the sloctl apply command. For more detailed information on sloctl, our command-line interface (CLI), refer to the sloctl section of the SLOcademy.

Check out the configuration video:

Video 1: Configuring a direct connection
Well done! You've established a direct connection with Nobl9!