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Step 1: Create a project

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See how to create a project.
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Projects are the primary logical grouping of resources in the Nobl9 platform. All Nobl9 resources, such as data sources, SLOs, and alerts, are created within projects.


Access controls at the project level entitle users to control who can see and change these resources. For example, you can allow all of your users to view the SLOs in a given project, but only a few users to make changes.

For more detailed information, go back to the Get started section, to the Role-based access control topic.

Before you can start creating SLOs, you have to create a project to put them in.

You can't move your existing SLOs between projects without losing your SLOs' historical data.


To create a project in the Nobl9 UI:

  1. Go to Catalog > Projects.
  2. Click .
  3. Enter a Display Name.
    You can enter a user-friendly name with spaces in this field.
  4. Enter a Name.
    The name is mandatory and can only contain lowercase, alphanumeric characters, and dashes (for example, my-project-1). Nobl9 duplicates the display name here, transforming it into the supported format, but you can edit the result.
  5. Select or add Labels.
    Labels have a specific format and must conform to the following rules:
    • key: value format
    • key can contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters, underscores, and dashes; must start with a letter and end with an alphanumeric character; maximum length 63 characters
    • value can contain Unicode characters; maximum length 200 characters
    • Maximum of 20 labels attached
  6. Enter a Description.
    Here you can add details such as who is responsible for the integration (team/owner) and the purpose of creating it.
  7. Click Create project.

Check out the configuration video:

Video 1: Creating a project
Good job! You've created a project! Now, let's create a service.