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The Nobl9 Terraform provider

What is the Nobl9 Terraform provider?

Terraform has rapidly grown to be the tool of choice for SREs and engineers to manage their cloud infrastructure. To ensure their infrastructure and SLOs are updated and maintained, engineers are looking for a way to store their Terraform configs and SLOs in a single configuration file (HCL or a JSON format) and update their SLOs and infrastructure simultaneously.

The Nobl9 Terraform provider delivers tools that work with the Nobl9 API to create and manage the following Nobl9 resources:

  • SLOs, services, projects, alert policies, alert methods, data sources and role bindings

Step 1: Get started with Terraform

See how to get started with the Nobl9 Terraform provider.

Step 2: Connect to the Nobl9 agent

See how to add your Nobl9 agents using the Nobl9 Terraform provider.

Step 3: Create an SLO

See how to create an SLO with the Nobl9 Terraform provider.

Step 4: Manage your Nobl9 resources

See how to manage your Nobl9 resources with the Nobl9 Terraform provider.