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Welcome to SLOcademy

Do you want to know:
  • What are SLOs, and how do you create them in Nobl9?
  • How to define a data source?
  • Why use the Nobl9 agent?
  • Do these and other questions give you sleepless nights?
SLOcademy is here to help!

What is SLOcademy?​

In SLOcademy, you can find comprehensive walkthroughs and then use Nobl9 to build service level objectives from your existing monitoring. Simply choose a topic from the list below, and we’ll guide you through the whole process!

Before we begin...
Make sure you get familiar with high-level overview docs about main concepts of reliability and SLO.
Get started with Nobl9
See how Nobl9 helps your organization set and understand reliability goals.
The Nobl9 agent
See what Nobl9 agent is and what abilities it provides.
Create your first SLO
See how to build service level objectives from your existing monitoring.
Manage your SLO
See how to manage and monitor your SLOs with alert policies, alert methods, and other Nobl9 features.
Create composite SLO
See how to create and leverage composite SLOs.
Create SLO with Replay
See how to create SLO using historical data retrieval.
SLI Analyzer
See how to leverage SLI Analyzer to choose your reliability targets and create meaningful SLOs.
Get Started with sloctl
Get started with our CLI and manage your Nobl9 resources from your terminal.
The Nobl9 Terraform provider
See how to manage your Nobl9 resources via the Nobl9 Terraform provider.