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Here's what changed in the sloctl 0.0.88 and 0.0.89 releases:

We’ve added the possibility to retrieve a list of alerts using the sloctl get alerts command. The command allows users to filter the alerts based on the Project, Service, SLO, objective, time range, and alert status.
We’ve created the --no-config-file flag that tells sloctl not to create a config.toml file.
We’ve fixed an issue with the sloctl workflow when you choose not to use the configuration file.
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Here's what changed in the sloctl 0.0.87 release:

Extended Replay with the possibility to retrieve historical data for new SLOs. If your data source supports Replay, you can backfill the historical data using this command: sloctl apply --replay

Here's what changed in the sloctl 0.0.85 release:

Bug for sloctl delete that caused the CLI to crash and not execute the command.

Here's what changed in the sloctl 0.0.82, 0.0.83 and 0.0.84 releases:

The ability to apply multiple files stored in a nested directory structure: sloctl supports glob patterns when using the -f flag. For example, running sloctl apply -f '**/annotations*' command will apply the configurations from files with annotations name within the whole directory tree. For more information, refer to the sloctl | Nobl9 Documentation.
Fixed a bug that resulted in returning incorrect Agent secrets via YAML when two Agents with the same name existed in different projects.