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Direct connection vs. agent connection

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See how to connect to Nobl9 and what is the difference between the direct and agent connections.

Data sources aggregate data for your services. Nobl9 allows you to have more than one data source defined for each of your services.

You can configure Nobl9 to connect to these to collect the service data in real-time. You can choose between a direct or agent configuration when connecting to a data source.

How do they differ?


When using the direct configuration, you must provide your authentication credentials, for example, API key, token, and such. These values are encrypted and safely stored in the Nobl9.

You can still connect a data source even if your system's security tools block outbound connections. For this, list Nobl9 IP addresses as trusted.

IP addresses to add to your allowlist:
Applies to only. In all other cases, contact Nobl9 support.


When using the agent connection, you must provide your credentials when launching the agent. That way, those credentials are not stored in the Nobl9.

What is more, you have access to the agent's logs, which makes troubleshooting easier. For this reason, we recommend making your initial connection to a data source with the agent configuration.

Well done! Now, learn how to connect to Nobl9 via direct or agent connection!