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Nobl9 Application (1.39)

Β· One min read

We've just released Nobl9 1.39! Release highlights:

  • New Feature: Time picker label
  • New Feature: Custom range for Silencing alerts
  • Improved: Selector for Silencing alerts
  • Improved: Time Slice Allowance filed in the SLO wizard

Release details​

Silence alerts: We simplified the selector for silencing alerts to make alerts management more intuitive.
Silence alerts: Set a custom time range for silencing your alerts.
Time Slice Allowance filed in the SLO wizard: When you change the calculation method from Occurrences to Time Slices the Time Slice Allowance field is not reset.
Time picker label: We added β€œLast” label to the time picker, so that it’s clear that you’re selecting the last days/week/month/quarter/year.

Documentation updates​

Managing agents with Helm Charts
Information on editing labels
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