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Nobl9 Application (1.40)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.40! Release highlights:

  • New Feature: Replay (beta)
  • New Feature: Lightstep SLI presentation

Release detailsโ€‹

Replay (beta):
Create your SLOs with historical data. Thanks to Replay, you won't need to wait days or weeks to see how your service is performing after creating an SLO; you'll be able to get an accurate picture almost immediately by drawing on past data from a specified period of time.

Replay is a beta feature available for DataDog , Prometheus, AWS Managed Prometheus, Graphite, and Splunk. You can now create SLOs with historical data using the above-mentioned data sources. Stay tuned, we will be gradually expanding the list of supported data sources.
Lightstep SLI presentation: We introduced a new option on the SLO details panel to show the ratio SLO in operations/second, so that you can easily correlate graphs in Nobl9 and in Lightstep.
Multiple fixes and improvements.

Documentation updatesโ€‹

Replay documentation
Lightstep metrics description
Docusaurus version bumped to 2.1.0
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