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Nobl9 Application (1.41)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.41! Release highlights:

  • New Feature: Replay for Lightstep and New Relic
  • New Feature: Tooltips in icons in the UI
  • New Feature: Links to SLO details in an email alerts
  • Fixed: We've fixed everything.
  • Fixed: Amazon CloudWatch SLOs
  • Improved: Displaying Location for BigQuery

Release detailsโ€‹

The list of Replay supported data sources now include Lightstep and New Relic: you can create SLOs with historical data coming from New Relic and Lightstep.
Add tooltips to icons: For better navigation in the N9 UI, we added tooltips to buttons and on the SLO details view.
We updated the Email alert method include the "Link to SLO details."
SLO wizard: The BigQuery Location field in the SLO wizard is now a drop down list instead of a text box.
SLO details view: We fixed bug resulting in an error while trying to zoom into Ratio SLOs graphs.
SLO wizard: Multiple fixes and improvements to Cloudwatch SLOs.

Documentation updatesโ€‹

A Guide on the Calendar-aligned SLOs
Documentation for Replay support for Lightstep and New Relic
Minor improvements in the RBAC documentation
Improved Editing SLOs guide: you can check what changes in your SLOs will result in resetting graphs
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