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Managing Annotations in the UI

Adding Annotations

You can easily add annotations to your existing SLOs using Nobl9 UI:

  1. Go to Service Level Objectives in the main navigation panel.

  2. In the SLO grid view, choose the SLO where you want to add your annotation and click it:

    Video 1: Choosing the a relevant time point in SLO to add annotation

    In the SLO Details view you can add Annotations in:

    • The SLI Chart.

    • The Reliability Burn Down chart.

    • The Error Budget Burn Rate chart.

  3. Hover over any of the charts, choose a relevant time point on any of the above charts and click it.

  4. You will see a blue line and a pin icon which mark the Annotation and a pop-up window Add a description, specify the Start Date and End Date and click ‘Add Annotation’.

    • The Start date and the End date fields will be pre-filled with values that you selected by clicking the chart. You can change them by clicking on the Calendar icon.

    • If the Start date = End date, the Annotation will be displayed as a single point in the chart.

    Video 2: Adding annotation to the SLO
    • If the End date is later than the Start Date, the Annotation will be displayed as a greyed-out area in your chart:
    Video 3: Configuring Start and End date
    • Your added Annotation will be displayed on every chart in the SLO Details view.

    • You can add Annotations in the overlapping timespans.

  5. You will be able to see your Annotations whenever you hover over them on any of the charts in the SLO Details view:

    Video 4: Displaying the added annotation

Deleting Annotations

You can easily delete your Annotations in the UI:

  1. In the SLO Details hover over the Annotation that you want to delete.

  2. Once the Annotation details pop up, hover over the Annotation that you want to delete.

  3. Click the Trash icon, then click the Delete button to confirm:

    Video 5: Deleting the annotation