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SLOs as Code

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Nobl9 was designed to solve business problems but crafted for engineers. We pride ourselves on our developer experience, and we’ve gotten great reviews from our users. We are happy to support SLO as Code with different tools:

  • sloctl - our SLOs are declared with infrastructure as code YAML files that can be applied in our CLI tool. If you want to take advantage of CI/CD pipelines, you might consider using our Github Actions or GitLab integration.

  • Terraform - if you describe infrastructure as code, you might also consider defining your SLOs with the same convention. You can find more details in the Terraform | Nobl9 documentation and in our Terraform documentation.

  • OpenSLO - if you leverage OpenSLO to convert your OpenSLO YAML into Nobl9 YAML, you can directly import such files into Nobl9 using sloctl. You can find more details in the OpenSLO.