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The process of defining service level objectives (SLOs) is becoming more standardized, thanks to the introduction of the OpenSLO 1.0 standard. As an open-source project under the Apache 2 (APLv2) license, the OpenSLO project welcomes contributions from the site reliability engineering ecosystem.

Nobl9 is a regular contributor, and launched an OpenSLO-to-Nobl9 converter last year. If you use this tool to convert your OpenSLO YAML into Nobl9 YAML, you can directly import these files into Nobl9 using sloctl.

What is OpenSLO?​

OpenSLO is a language for SLOs that declaratively defines reliability and performance targets using a simple YAML specification. It’s designed to simplify making SLOs available to modern developers within a Git workflow. The solution provides a standard interface for widespread integration with the entire cloud infrastructure ecosystem, including application monitoring and performance tooling. You can find the information on specification in the OpenSLO documentation.

What is Oslo?​

Nobl9 also provides a CLI tool for validating OpenSLO config files against the OpenSLO specification, called Oslo. More information on prerequisites, installation, and usage is available in the Oslo documentation.

OpenSLO documentation

Oslo documentation