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Composite SLO

Are the calculations of error budgets weighted?​

  • The calculations are not weighted.

What does the burn rate for Composite SLO represent?​

  • It’s representing the results of the calculations as described in Composite SLOs and Error Budget Calculations | Nobl9 Documentation.
  • The logic of those calculations is the same for Composite SLOs as for regular (standard) objectives and SLOs. For more information on Error Budget Burn Rate, refer to the Glossary | Nobl9 Documentation.
  • The only differences in the calculations are as follows:
    • SLI comes from the N9 app, not from the Agent or Direct. Possible SLIs are:
      • burn rate for Occurrences (the same as on the charts on SLO Details)
      • good or bad minute for Time Slices - those values are not presented on any chart; they are used to calculate burn rates and error budgets
    • burnRateCondition used for determining if the error budget will burn

Does it matter for Composite SLO if there is one or many objectives with a burn rate greater than the burn rate condition?​

  • One objective satisfying burn rate condition causes the budget for Composite SLO to burn at the same rate.

Do objective calculations restart when I change the SLO type to Composite SLO?​

  • Calculations for the objectives are not restarted. Enabling Composite SLO does not cause any loss of results or chart data.
  • Changing the burn rate condition causes the charts for Composite SLO to reset the calculations as for a standard objective when the objective value is changed.

Is objective's historical data included in calculations for Composite SLO charts?​

  • Nobl9 does not calculate data for Composite SLOs charts by using objective's historical data. Creating Composite SLO is similar to creating a new objective - only new incoming data is used during calculations.