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Why can’t some users in my organization see SLOs in my projects?

  • The default role for all new users in Nobl9 is Organization User (unless a different default role has been set for your organization). This means that if you create a new project as an Organization Admin, users who reside in your organization will not see the project in their project list (Catalog > Projects), or any SLOs related to this project.
  • For more information, refer to the Role-Based Access Control | Nobl9 Documentation.

How can I give my users access to the Project?

  • There are two methods by which you can give your users access to the project, and all the resources that are related to it:
    • From the Organization level: change the organization roles of the users to Organization Viewer. This way, they will be able to see all projects (and their related resources) within your organization. Keep in mind that Organization Viewers can’t create new projects.
    • From the Project level: when you create a project, add the project to the relevant users from the Settings panel (Settings > Users) and assign appropriate project roles to them.

What should I put in the name when configuring an organization-level RoleBinding for a user in sloctl?

  • The name is a string that can contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters and dashes -. It must start and end with an alphanumeric character and has a maximum length of 63 characters.
    • If you create a RoleBinding manually with sloctl, you can use any valid string for the name.
    • The name must be unique within an organization (for the Organization roles) or within a project (for the Project roles).
    • A RoleBinding created with sloctl can be edited in the Nobl9 UI. If you create project-owner-adam with sloctl, this object is then available in the list in the Settings > Users tab, and you can edit it from there.
    • If you configure a role in the UI first, it will generate a UUID for a name, and you need to get the RoleBinding through sloctl.

    For more details on RoleBinding, refer to the Role Binding - YAML | Nobl9 Documentation .
    For more information on naming conventions, refer to the YAML guide | Nobl9 Documentation .

What role (access) will a newly created user get by default?

  • By default, new users are assigned the Organization User role. If you have admin permissions assigned, you can change the default organizational role in the Nobl9 UI by going to the Settings > Users tab, clicking the Configure Default Role button, and selecting the relevant role - User or Viewer. This setting is applied to every newly added user when they log in to the app for the first time. If they’ve already logged in before, their role won’t be changed.

Can I specify the default user role on project level rather than an organization role?

  • The default roles can be managed only from the organization level.


My remaining error budget shows as N/A on the report. What does this mean?

  • This means that there is no data for the current time window.


Can annotations be created via an API call or inbound webhook?

Data Export

Is Data export supported during a POC or Nobl9 Free?

  • Data export is supported only for enterprise customers.