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Where can I find an official SLO for Nobl9 as a service?​

  • You can find Nobl9 Service Level Commitment here.

Is SSO login available for Nobl9 Teams customers?​

  • SSO login is not enabled for Nobl9 Teams customers. This is an enterprise feature.

Which SSO integrations are available with Nobl9?​

  • The following integrations are supported:
    • Azure
    • Google
    • Okta Org2Org

Is there a way to BULK import users via SSO?​

  • SSO grants access but does not allow for more granular user management. We can bulk create the users for the client. They can email a spreadsheet or CSV to support.

How many users does Nobl9 Free allow to have?​

  • Up to 10 users.

  • The activation link expires after 72 hours. If you didn't verify the email address in the first email you received, you can sign up again using the same email address. If that doesn't work, contact Nobl9 Support .

What is the retention period of data for Nobl9?​

  • For data retention, Nobl9 stores:
    • Nobl9 Free customer metrics for 3 months
    • Nobl9 Teams customer metrics for 12 months
    • Enterprise customer metrics for 2 years
  • We can share a detailed policy about data retention under an NDA.

Where can I find Nobl9 Terraform Provider?​

  • You can find the official Nobl9 Terraform Provider documentation here. Make sure to check out the SLOcademy section for detailed information on how to configure Nobl9 resources via the Nobl9 Terraform Provider.

Is it possible to view Nobl9 dashboard or SLOs without being logged in to the N9 App?​

  • Currently, it is not possible to view a N9 dashboard without an account.

Is there a place in the N9 UI to view generated access tokens?​

  • You won't be able to see the generated access tokens in the Nobl9 UI, but it's possible to retrieve them via sloctl. If you want to retrieve client_id and client_secret for all Agents in your Organization, use the -A flag in the sloctl get agent command as follows: sloctl get agents -Ak.

Do you have recommendations on shutting down access_tokens? If the parent access_key or access_secret are invalidated, will the access_token also be invalidated?​

  • Invalidating client ID and secret makes access token generated with them invalidated too.

Is there a way to limit the scope of an API token or is it based on the user's permissions?​

  • It's based on the user's permission that generated the authorization token in the UI.

Do you write logs into any file apart from sysouts in the Agent container?​

  • Agent logs exist only in standard output in Agent container.


How do I log an issue with Nobl9?​

  • You can log a ticket at our support page or send an email to If you don’t have access to the Support Center, click Not a member? to sign up.

What’s the response time for customer questions?​

  • A support response should come in less than 24 hours for Nobl9 Teams users and in less than 8 hours for enterprise users, during normal business hours. For Nobl9 Free users, we have a public Slack channel that you can use.

Is there a limit to support questions per customer?​

  • No, there is no limit.