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Is SSO login available for Hydrogen customers?

  • No, SSO login is not enabled for Hydrogen customers. This is an enterprise feature.

Which SSO integrations are available with Nobl9?

  • The following integrations are supported:
    • Azure
    • Google
    • Okta Org2Org

What permission is needed to enable Dynatrace integration?

I get an error after setting up an integration with Splunk Observability.

  • There are two possible workarounds to solve this issue:
  1. Open a browser window in incognito mode and set up the integration again.
  2. Clear the Nobl9 cache in your browser and set up the integration again.

Are there any plans to expand the list of data sources Nobl9 supports?

  • If there's a data source that you would like us to add, log a suggestion using our contact form and we'll take a look.

I'm not receiving any data from my data source. How is that treated by Nobl9?

  • When there is no data, no results get produced. Currently, customers are not notified when the data inflow is stopped.
  • Depending on the budgeting method, no data is treated differently:
    • Occurrences method - no data means that there were no good and no total events,so there is no effect on the ratio of good to total events.
    • Time Slices method - minutes without any data are counted as good minutes.