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The Nobl9 Terraform Provider

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Nobl9 built and released a Terraform provider for SLOs. Using Terraform, you can store your Terraform configs and SLOs in a single configuration file (HCL or a JSON format) and update your SLOs and infrastructure simultaneously.


The Nobl9 Terraform Provider delivers tools that work with the Nobl9 API to create and manage the following Nobl9 resources:

  • Projects, Services, SLOs, Alert Methods, Alert Policies, Data Sources, and Role Bindings.

What is more, you can manage Labels via the Nobl9 Terraform Provider. Labels allow you to define attributes of Nobl9 resources such as Projects, Services and SLOs - you can use them to filter and easily group your resources.


For more detailed instructions on how to get started with the Nobl9 Terraform Provider, check out the SLOcademy section.

For more information on how to configure Nobl9 resources via the Nobl9 Terraform Provider, make sure to check the Terraform documentation.

Image 1: Nobl9 Terraform documentation

The Nobl9 Terraform Provider | Nobl9 SLOcademy

The Nobl9 Terraform Provider documentation

SLOs as Code via the Nobl9 Terraform Provider

SLOs As Code | Nobl9 Documentation