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Nobl9 Application (1.50-update-2)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.50-update-2! Release highlights:

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Release Details​

  • Configure a custom query delay in your data sources.
    • This setting is available via YAML (sloctl) and UI.

    • Customizable query delay is a beta functionality supported only through the beta channels (for both Direct and Agent connection method). The minimum Agent version required to use query delay is 0.65.0-beta09. Contact Nobl9 Support to activate this feature.

    • Note that if you’re already using Agent in the beta version, you’ll see the option to configure query delay in the UI. However, in order for query delay to work, your Agent needs to run at least the 0.65.0-beta09 version.

Documentation Updates​

  • Documentation set for the Query delay feature (including updates in YAML Guide and data sources documentation).
  • Documentation on Dynatrace metrics source support in Replay and SLI Analyzer.
  • Feedback button that takes you to a documentation site feedback form.