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Nobl9 Application (1.51)

ยท 2 min read
We've just released Nobl9 1.51! Release highlights:
  • Validation in the New Relic data source
  • Weโ€™ve added pagination to the Users list

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Release Detailsโ€‹

  • Metrics Health Notifier for missing points
  • You can now choose to be notified when your SLOs stop receiving data. The beta version supports sending notifications to Slack and Opsgenie.

  • Query Checker
    • You can validate whether your newly created SLOs will work correctly. If an SLO doesn't pass validation, the Query Checker feature allows you to troubleshoot and fix issues related to connection or queries. Query Checker supports Datadog, New Relic, and Dynatrace data sources through Direct beta channel. We'll add support for other sources in the next releases.
  • New Relic data source

    We've added additional validation to the creation process of New Relic data source (through Direct) which checks if the type of the entered API key is correct (insights key).

    Users list

    Weโ€™ve added pagination to the Users list in Settings to improve its performance.

  • Alert Policy details
    • We've removed the trash icon from the SLO list in the Alert Policy details as it led some users to accidentally delete an SLO instead of removing the Alert Policy from an SLO.
  • Data Source wizard
    • We've fixed the issue with not keeping the retrieval configuration of the historical data in the Data Source wizard.

Documentation Updatesโ€‹