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Nobl9 Application (1.57)

· 2 min read
We've just released Nobl9 1.57! Release highlights:
  • Formatting of Email Alerts notifications
  • “Lasts for” parameter in the Remaining error budget Alert Policy condition

Release Details

RBAC Groups - Additions

We’ve made several additions to RBAC Groups, and now there's a Group Details screen that shows an overview of important information:

  • Users (the list of users associated with the group)
  • Group Organization Roles (the specific organization roles assigned to the group)
  • Group Project Roles (the specific project roles assigned to the group)

We've also made some improvements to our Users list. Now, you can quickly find users based on their organization and project roles. On top of that, we've also added information about user permissions from their respective groups for easier management. Plus, we’ve made it easier to see where users' permissions are coming from by updating the way groups are displayed on the list.

user groups

Currently, groups are only available for customers using SCIM integration. Go to Groups Documentation to learn more.

Bad Over Total for AppDynamics

When it comes to Objectives (SLOs), the usual approach is to calculate the ratio of good events to the total number of events. Sometimes, it's hard to automatically determine what counts as a good event, especially when dealing with metrics like error rates in AppDynamics SLOs.

In these cases, it can be challenging to determine what constitutes a good event. Due to this limitation, we've improved the AppDynamics integration, enabling the creation of SLOs that are based on the ratio of bad events to total events.

bad total appd

Formatting of Email Alerts

Our Email Alert notifications now have a new format that simplifies taking actionable next steps based on the alerts:

email templates

“Lasts for” Parameter in the “Remaining Error Budget” Condition

To ensure consistency between the UI and sloctl, we’ve improved the Alert Policy wizard for the Remaining Error Budget condition. Now, you can set the Lasts for parameter, that defines for how long alert conditions must persist before triggering an alert.

lasts for condition

Documentation Updates