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Nobl9 Application (1.58.6)

ยท One min read
We've just released Nobl9 1.58.6! Release highlights:

Release Detailsโ€‹

Bad Over Total Metrics for AppDynamics in SLI Analyzerโ€‹

We expanded the capabilities of the SLI Analyzer to include the analysis of ratio SLOs using bad over total metrics.

AppDynamics Bad over Total Analysis

Lightstep to ServiceNow Cloud Observability Rebrandingโ€‹

In August 2023, Lightstep adopted the name and logo of ServiceNow Cloud Observability. We updated our UI and documentation to match these changes.

ServiceNow Cloud Observability replaced Lightstep

Documentation Updatesโ€‹

Amazon CloudWatch: added a sample SQL query for the bad-over-total ratio metric for SLO creation
AppDynamics: updated the SLO creation guide in the UI and added a YAML sample for the bad-over-total ratio metric
SLI Analyzer: added info about the bad-over-total ratio metric support for AppDynamics to Scope of Support and this metric unavailability for Amazon CloudWatch to Limitations
ServiceNow Cloud Observability: Lightstep rebranding updates