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Nobl9 Application (1.60)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.60! Release highlights:
  • Reliability Roll-up reports:
    • List sorting in the report wizard for projects, services, and SLOs
    • Expand/Collapse all folders in a report
    • Performance for reports with many SLOs
  • Connected resources lists on an alert policy details page
  • Updated the Nobl9 logo

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Release detailsโ€‹

Label managementโ€‹

Labels are a straightforward way to add metadata to your resources. You can use labels to search and filter Nobl9 dashboards, catalog, and reports. However, more labels require more auditing and management to keep the label catalog efficient. With this Nobl9 release, all users can view and filter the list of labels available in their organizations.

Catalog > Labels

You can review, search, and order your labels. The Labeled Resources column lets you identify the most popular labels and detect unused ones to decide whether to delete them.

Finally, administrators can delete redundant labels or edit the incorrect ones. So, say goodbye to the label-spelling chaos, for you can get rid of labels like "env," "environment," "envrnmt," etc. Edit the inconsistent labels to bring them in line with the common standard. It migrates all the associated resources to the desired label.

Edit label

The Organization Integrations User roleโ€‹

Responding to our customers' requests, we added an organization-level role, the Organization Integrations User. The Organization Integrations User has the Organization viewer permissions with the integration options. So they can see all the resources created in the organization, plus use any of the data sources and alert methods when creating their resources. The new role ensures access to the SLI Analyzer. It benefits users who need to conduct analyses and simulate SLOs using available data sources.

Organization Integrations User

Like all organization-level roles, you can set this role as the default for new users. So they have these permissions without involving an administrator.

Reliability Roll-up reportsโ€‹

Version 1.60 brings quality-of-life improvements for reports:

  • Projects, services, and SLOs are sorted alphabetically in Report wizard dropdown lists
Ordered resources in the Report wizard
  • The Expand/Collapse all folders button unfolds the whole structure of the initially loaded reports with a single click
Expand/Collapse all folders
  • Fixed the timeout error when generating a report with a large number of SLOs

We believe you've already taken our Reliability Roll-up reports at their worth, so we removed the announcement pop-up.

Alert policy details: lists of connected resourcesโ€‹

Now, the lists of SLOs and alert methods connected to an alert policy are displayed page-by-page on the alert policy's details. You can order and search in these lists as well.

Alert methods

Nobl9 logo updateโ€‹

Nobl9 logo is updated to match the new product branding.

Documentation updatesโ€‹

Label management: the process description
Organization Integrations User: the new role description
SLI aggregations: the detailed explanation and examples
Beta channel:
โ The What's in the Beta channel section where you can read about the beta channel and Beta feature concepts with the details on the functionality available in the beta channel
โ The Beta Channel tag to mark data sources with the functionality available in the beta channel
โ And now these sections are just a click awayโ€”look at the top navigation bar โฌ†
Use a custom SSL certificate: added the instructions with a Dockerfile to Nobl9 agent troubleshooting
Query checker: removed the Beta label and the related limitations
SLO API reference: added the service field to the call response