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Nobl9 Application (1.62)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.62! Release highlights:

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Release details​

Resource and metric discovery for the Azure Monitor integration​

You can now create Azure Monitor-based SLOs more easily with SLI Analyzer and SLO wizard. All you need to do is select your subscription, resource group, and the required resource to measure. For the selected resource, Nobl9 suggests the list of available metrics along with the applicable aggregations. With it, you toss out typing in the exact resource ID and metric names.

Metric discovery

Find resource and metric discovery helpful? Try it in beta:

  • The Beta channel for the direct connection method.
  • Agent version 0.69.0-beta04 or higher for the agent connection method.

Error Budget Status report extended with the Reliability column​

The Error Budget Status report received a new column, Reliability. This column shows the current value of the Reliability Burn Down metric for each SLO and its objectives. Find the reliability value (a ratio of good/total events in the SLO time window) useful? Leverage the Error Budget Status report at its full!

Error Budget Status report

Does the reliability value (a good/total event ratio per an SLO time window) speak more for you than the remaining error budget? Well, here you go!

Reliability Roll-upβ€”performance for reports with many SLOs​

We continue to improve the performance of the Reliability Roll-up reports, ensuring that even the largest organizations can benefit from it and get a high-level picture of their SLO target adherence.

Documentation updates​

Azure Monitor: resource and metric discovery for SLO creation
Error budget status report the Reliability column description