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Nobl9 application (1.66.2-3)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.66.2-3! Release highlights:

Version 1.66.2 on AWS corresponds to version 1.66.3 on GCP, meaning both hold the same functionality.


Release details​

Azure Monitorβ€”Log-based SLOs​

We are excited to announce that we have extended the Azure Monitor integration with Log Analytics. So now, you can create SLOs based on your Azure Monitor logs to have even more insights from your monitored resources.

Log Analytics is a part of Azure Monitor, and now it’s available on Nobl9. With it, you can view and analyze log and performance data in various formats from different Azure Monitor features, structured and organized in a centralized repository. Our extended integration boosts the capabilities to monitor the performance and availability of your cloud-based and hybrid applications along with their related components.

Azure Monitor Log Analytics

Report list sorting​

Have a pretty hefty stack of reports? Well, now you can sort their list by the following parameters:

  • Report name: sort the reports alphabetically
  • Creation date: show the newest or oldest reports first
  • Last modified date: show the most recently changed reports first
  • My reports: show the reports you own first

Yet, since the Resource Usage Summary is a static report, it's always shown first, with any sorting order.

Azure Monitor Log Analytics

Error Budget Status report​

With the Error Budget Status report's newly enhanced layout, you can collapse projects to focus only on those of interest to you.

Collapsable projects in the Error Budget Status report

Old reports module​

Legacy reports have played a crucial role in enhancing Nobl9's functionality and improving your user experience. They have helped us to discover new and advanced ways to enrich the reporting functionality and interface. However, over time, these reports become outdated and limit the possibilities to adapt to innovations.

To acknowledge the future, we have introduced new reports that build on the foundations laid by the legacy reports. We understand that change can require efforts, but it also presents opportunities for growth and empowerment.

As a result, the Old Reports button and deep links to the legacy reports are no longer available. Please recreate your reports using the Reports wizard. For more information, refer to the 1.65 Breaking changes.

Go to Old reports button

Documentation updates​

Query customization variables Glossary definition
Reports documentation updated