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Nobl9 application (1.67.1)

Β· 2 min read
We've just released Nobl9 1.67.1! Release highlights:
  • Medium- and critical-level vulnerabilities

Release details​

Label details view​

We're introducing a new label details view that puts you in control. Find projects, services, and SLOs tagged with your selected label and remove this label from any resource. With the right permissions, you can also edit or permanently delete the label from the system on the same page.

Label details

Azure Monitor: Log Analytics workspace discovery​

We've enhanced Azure Monitor integration with log analytics workspace discovery. Much like with the metrics discovery, log analytics workspace discovery is available with the SLI Analyzer and SLO wizard. Now you select the workspace the same way you're selecting the subscription and resource group.
Goodbye tedious manual entry, hello swift and straightforward data retrieval!

Azure Log Analytics workspace discovery

Hide and show in-app help​

Now you can open and hide in-app help panels, whatever works best for youβ€”whether you know Nobl9 wizards like a pro or need guidance to select the right data.

Documentation updates​

Limitations to the Alert methods documentation