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Nobl9 application (1.70.3)

Β· 2 min read
Β· (GCP release date: March 14)
We've just released Nobl9 1.70.3! Release highlights:
  • Alert details extended with an SLI chart

Release details​

Access key lifetime duration parameter​

We've introduced a mechanism for defining the lifetime duration of an access key. All keys, whether new or existing, will have an indefinite lifespan by default–the same way as today.

However, we can set a default organization lifetime duration if a customer requests it. Once this parameter is set, all newly created keys will have a defined lifespan and expire after a specified period.

Ability to remove organization level role bindings from user groups​

It's now possible to delete organization role bindings assigned to user groups using the sloctl delete command.

Alert details extended with an SLI chart​

With the improved alert details view, you can dive deeper into the details of specific alerts. We've introduced charts presenting the alert duration integrated with SLI charts.

Service Health Dashboard by burn rate
Image 1

Documentation updates​

Event logs for Replay and SLI Analyzer