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Nobl9 application (1.72.0)

Β· 2 min read
We've just released Nobl9 1.72.0! Release highlights:
  • Medium- and high-level vulnerabilities
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Release details​

Service Health Dashboards: sort by name​

You can now sort resources alphabetically on both Service Health dashboardsβ€”by Error Budget and by Burn Rate. The sorting logic is simple: it sorts all resourcesβ€”projects, services within projects, and SLOs within servicesβ€”by name in ascending or descending order, regardless of their status.

Sorting remains consistent even if a resource's health changes: the service shifts the category and color, but its location stays the same.

Service Health Dashboard sorting by name
Image 1

SLO details: author and last updated​

Using sloctl and the Nobl9 SDK for Go, you can now identify who created an SLO and when it was last modified.

Run sloctl get slos and check the spec.createdBy and status.updatedAt fields for the required details.

Currently, these fields aren't available through the SLO Status API.

apiVersion: n9/v1alpha
kind: SLO
displayName: My SLO
name: my-slo
project: my-project
createdBy: %USER-ID%
updatedAt: "2024-03-14T11:06:00Z"

Documentation updates​

Service Health Dashboard:
  • Sort by name logic
  • Services under the No data category: why this occurs
  • Splunk data source: minimal permissions required by Nobl9 agent
    Ratio metrics: requirements and recommendations to query results