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Nobl9 application (1.77.0)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.77.0! Release highlights:
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Release detailsโ€‹

Extended SLO status API: allowing deeper insights into metricsโ€‹

In this release, we've extended the SLO status API, allowing users to delve deeper into their metrics analysis. With the addition of the fields parameter, Nobl9 users can request additional metrics, such as aggregated counts for each of the SLO's objectives. This update also includes the introduction of the from and to parameters, allowing users to specify the data range for their queries. With these parameters, you can retrieve detailed insights spanning up to 7 days within the specified time frame.

api params
Image 1: fields parameter in SLO status API

Also, the new counts object provides data on the total and good counts for each SLO objective, allowing a better understanding of their performance metrics:

api response counts
Image 2: counts object in the SLO status API

Documentation updatesโ€‹

Various UX and readability improvements