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Nobl9 application (1.81.1)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.81.1! Release highlights:
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Release details​

Alert details: Enriched visualization on alert charts​

The yellow Condition threshold crossed interval on your alert chart shows the precise moment the alert threshold was crossed before the alert itself was triggered. You can see this for both the alerting window and lasts for types.

Condition threshold crossed
Image 1: Condition threshold crossed

The green Cooldown interval indicates the alert's cooldown timer. This timer starts after the conditions triggering the alert are no longer met. The alert resolves if none of those conditions are met again during the cooldown period.

Image 2: Alert cooldown

And more of it:

  • Uncover resolution details: Hover over a resolved alert icon to learn the reasons for its resolution
  • Deeper insights: Even more information about your alert trigger and resolution reasons
  • Emulated transitions: A more visually appealing and intuitive experience with animated alert chart icons
  • Consistency reigns: Consistency is key, and now your alert charts benefit from a unified visual style

ServiceNow Observability error ratio SLI view as Events/Sec​

You can now view the SLO data as Events/Sec on the alert details of your ServiceNow Observability error ratio SLOs.

ServiceNow Observability alert details
Image 3: ServiceNow Observability alert details SLI chart

SLO details 2.0: Streamlined access to the required SLO objective​

The redesigned SLO details make accessing objective details a breeze. Steer to the Objectives list under the Overview tab. With a single click on the desired objective, you’re whisked directly to its charts.

SLO details 2.0: Clicking an SLO name unfolds its metadata​

No more struggling with pinpoint accuracy! You can now click anywhere on your SLO or objective name to open its metadata block.

SLO metadata
Image 4: Unfold SLO metadata