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Nobl9 application (1.85.2)

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We've just released Nobl9 1.85.2! Release highlights:
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Release detailsโ€‹

New alerting condition - budget dropโ€‹

Weโ€™ve introducing the Budget drop condition for alert policies, allowing for timely alerts when your SLO's error budget is at risk. This condition is useful for monitoring drops in the error budget over an observed period, even if you can't calculate the exact burn rate. By configuring alerts based on budget drop, you can proactively manage your SLOs and respond quickly to incidents. This simplifies setting up effective alert conditions, ensuring better SLO management and incident response.

Budget drop
Image 1: Budget drop condition charts

Check the Budget drop documentation to learn more.

Also new alert presets are available based on the budget drop condition.

New user role - Organization blankโ€‹

We've introduced a new organization-level role called Organization blank. This role is designed for users who should only work on projects they are assigned to, without visibility or permission to change SLOs in other projects. Additionally, they are not able to create their own projects.

SLO details
Image 2: Org blank role

View access to agent credentialsโ€‹

Only Organization admin, project owner, and project editor roles can now view agent's credentials in the Agent Configuration tab of an integration's details within the Integrations view. Other roles will see empty strings.

Documentation updatesโ€‹