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Historical Reports

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Reports in Nobl9 allow you to get data-driven insights into your service level objectives. Using Reports, you can resolve critical questions for your business: for instance, whether to focus on the development of new features or manage your technical debt.

Report Types​

To run a report, navigate to the Reports page in the main navigation menu. You can use the following reports:

  • SLO History (Rolling) β€” shows theΒ performanceΒ of the selected time period ofΒ yourΒ SLO.

  • SLO History (Calendar-Aligned) β€” shows the performance aligned to calendars for business reporting needs.

  • SLO Error Budget Status β€” shows the percentage of errors in the selected time period.

  • Resource Usage Summary β€” shows the number of resources configured in Nobl9 and the peak usage

Running Reports on the Nobl9 Platform​

To run your report, go to Reports on the main navigation bar:

  1. Enter a Project. The report will pull data from this Project.

  2. Enter a Service. The report will pull data from this Service.

  3. Enter a Service Level Objective. The report will pull data from this SLO.

  4. Add Labels to your report. You can add up to 20 labels to your report.

  5. Click the Apply button to run your report.

For more details, refer to Reports in our Learning Center.