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Role-Based Access Control

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See how to use Nobl9 RBAC, what roles and user permissions exist in the Nobl9 Platform.

Nobl9 supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to enable granular user permissions and access to resources in the Nobl9 platform.

There are two levels of permissions, the organization level and the project level:

  • Organization roles enable access across the Nobl9 platform. Depending on the desired access rights, users can be assigned the Organization Admin, User, Viewer, or Responder role.
  • Project roles enable users to access a project and its underlying resources, such as services or SLOs. Project-level roles include Project Owner, Editor, Viewer, Integrations User, and Responder.


Here, you can find descriptions of different organization- and project-level roles.

Organization-level Roles

Organization Admins have full read and write access to all areas in the Nobl9 platform. They are responsible for setting up single sign-on (SSO) and user management. Organization Admins can:

  • Add, delete, and suspend users.

  • Assign organization- and project-level roles to other users.

  • Promote other users to an Admin role.

  • Grant other users view access to all projects. (For example, this type of access can be granted to executives who require read-only access to all services for dashboards.)

  • Access all projects.

  • Create new projects.

  • Create, edit, delete, and view user annotations (see the SLO Annotations section of the documentation).

  • View and delete system annotations (see the SLO Annotations section of the documentation).

  • Create, edit, delete, and view SLI analyses. For more information, refer to the SLI Analyzer documentation.

Project-level Roles

Project Owners have read and write access to the project(s) they own. A Project Owner can:

  • Add existing Nobl9 users to the project.

  • Manage existing users’ levels of access to the project.

  • Remove users from the project.

  • Delete the project.

  • Create, edit, delete, and view annotations in the project.


You can find the detailed instructions on Managing Users and User Roles as well as Projects and Project Resources in the RBAC | Nobl9 Documentation.

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