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Step 2: Create SLO with Replay

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See how to configure Replay for an SLO.
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Configure Replay in the SLO Wizard

When you start an SLO Wizard and pick a data source that supports Replay, an additional field will be displayed in step 2 of the SLO Wizard:

replay slo wizard config
Image 1: Configuring Replay on the SLO Wizard level

The Period for Historical Data Retrieval field defines the period that will be used by the SLO:

  • The value displayed is the Default Period for Historical Data Retrieval that you specified when setting up the data source.

  • You can override this value, but you can't exceed the Maximum Period for Historical Data Retrieval specified for this data source. Be aware that entering a more extended period might slow down the loading time of your SLO.

  • The value must be a positive integer or 0.

Great, you can now configure Replay for an SLO!