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Step 3: Leverage your historical data

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See how to leverage your Replay SLO.

Once you’ve completed the SLO configuration and saved your SLO, you’ll be able to see your SLI and error budget charts integrating the historical data for the specified period within [just a few minutes.

Use Cases for Replay

You can use Replay to pull in metrics data from the past for newly created SLOs.


The ability to pull in historical data for existing SLOs and use that data to recalculate their error budgets will be added in a future release; for now, you can achieve these results by re-creating those SLOs with Replay enabled.

A common use case is observability tooling migration. For example, Replay can allow you to accelerate migration to Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus by honing critical SLO in minutes not months.

Amazing! Now, leverage your Replay SLO!