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SLO search and filter

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With Nobl9’s project–service hierarchy, search logic, and filtering options, you can narrow down the SLO list and focus only on the SLOs that demand your attention, avoiding distractions.

Nobl9's searching and filtering by labels includes inheritance. So it returns not only all individual SLOs with a given label applied directly but also all SLOs housed in matching services and projects.

Filtering options​

There are three filtering options:

  • By SLO or service name (a keyword)
  • By project
  • By label
Displayed resources

A filtered list contains the SLOs associated with the projects where you're assigned at least the Viewer role.
No other SLOs (where you have no access) are displayed.

SLO or service name​

You can enter any number of keywords in the search box to filter SLOs and services that match your keywords.

To filter by two or more keywords, separate them with spaces. Nobl9 returns SLOs that match all the keywords you entered, applying the AND operator. Nobl9 looks for the search parameters in the following fields:

  • Service name
  • Service display name
  • SLO name
  • SLO display name

And returns SLOs as follows:

  • Individual SLOs with matching name or display name AND
  • SLOs housed in a service with the matching name or display name
Search wildcards

An asterisk (*) in the search field is treated as a wildcard.

For example, if you enter data (*) in the search field, Nobl9 returns all SLOs that contain the word data plus any text inside parentheses in their names or display names.

Video 1: Filtering the grid view by SLO or service name

Project and label​

To filter SLOs by project or label, click filter to the right of the search field.

Image 1: Filter SLOs
  • Filtering by project
    Select or enter the required project name.
    You can filter by a single project at a time. As a result, Nobl9 returns all SLOs associated with the selected project.

  • Filtering by label
    Select the required key:value pair.
    You can use any number and combination of key:value pairs. Nobl9 returns individual SLOs and SLOs nested in the services and projects as follows:

    • Same key, different values: Nobl9 applies the OR operator and returns results with at least one matching key: value pair.
    • Different keys: Nobl9 applies the AND operator and returns results that match all the key: value pairs.
For example

You enter the following labels: geo: eu, team: red.
Nobl9 returns SLOs labeled with both geo: eu and team: red either directly or their parent service or project has these labels.

Combination of filters​

Filtering by any combination of project, label(s), and keyword(s) returns SLOs that meet ALL the specified criteria: Nobl9 applies the AND operator, combining it with OR for labels that share the same key.

Image 2: Filtering logic

Upon applying the filters in Image 2, Nobl9 returns the results that meet the following criteria:

  • Contain the ratio keyword AND
  • Contain the default keyword AND
  • Relate to the my-project project AND
  • Labeled either with division : account-history OR division : money-market AND
  • Labeled with composite : true

Given that Nobl9 searches for matching labels not only in individual SLOs but also in services and projects and displays all the related SLOs.

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